Diseases Carried

Indian Mynas carry bird mites which can cause severe itching and dermatitis. They also carry other avian diseases such as psittacosis and salmonellosis which can potentially impact human health.

Did you know?

  • Myna is an omnivore. Snails, eggs, immature birds, frogs, insects, fruit and seed.
  • Mynas are very aggressive during the breeding season.
  • It pierces the skin of different types of soft fruit and decreases their market value.
  • Mynas build nest in the cavities of trees, buildings or cliffs.
  • Instead of hopping, they use their strong legs to walk on the ground.
  • Female lays 4 to 5 eggs that hatch after 13 to 18 days. Male provides food for the female during the incubation.
  • Both parents collect food for their offspring.
  • Myna can survive up to 4 years (rarely 12 years) in the wild.