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No, our pesticides are eco-friendly & odourless.

Yes, we use eco-friendly pesticides.

Yes. We always guarantee your satisfaction. Simply call us and we will be out as soon as possible at no additional charge.

It depends on the type of pest we are dealing with as well as the size of infestation.

Unfortunately, a mouse only needs a 10cm hole to get into your structure. Closing such holes would prevent mice and other pests.

Roaches can hide in small cracks or crevices (easy access). They eat almost anything. They reproduce every 30 days and may have 30 to 50 babies each time.

Yes, there is a small surcharge for call-out fees.

It depends on the size of area covered and infestation, usually 15-30 minutes.

No, we use odourless products.

As soon as KOVA Pest Control steps in.

Yes, we always offer free quotes for your pest problems.

Dishwashers provide ants (such as carpenter ants) with heat, moisture and food particles.

  • Remove all bedding sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, etc.
  • Bag it all up in the same room so that the infestation doesn’t spread to the rest of the house.
  • Hot wash on 70-90′ C.
  • Do the same with the clothing in the room, especially items stored under the bed.
  • Vacuum all areas of the bedroom including both sides of the mattress/es thoroughly.

Depending on where you stay – near a field, waterstream, or bush – shorter service intervals are recommended. We recommend treatment 4 times per year.

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