Bird Control

Not only do birds create a mess in roofs, but they also bring along bird lice that end up in your home and cause bites. We remove nests, provide birdproofing ensuring that they do not re-enter as well as provide a chemical solution to ensure the lice are exterminated.

Bird Proofing

Birdproofing requires the use of reliable, professional bird deterrents to ensure an effective, long-term solution to any bird control problem.

Most bird species are considered a nuisance for businesses and gain entry into premises through damaged roofing. Pigeons, seagulls, sparrows and other species have become a massive problem for buildings, residents, the health-conscious as well as farmers. Bird infestation is associated with acidic droppings, disease, lice, noise, property damage, product loss and many more.

Three stages of our bird control solution

Bird Removal

We will NOT kill any birds or chicks found in nests. They will either be relocated or left till they can leave the nest naturally.


Ensuring that the environment is clean and safe from lice and any diseases/viruses that the birds may have carried.

Bird Proofing

Ensuring that birds will not return and nest in or nearby your home again. Keeping your home or building pest-bird free.

Need bird control?

We believe that there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to bird control. As soon as you contact us we begin to tailor your bird control solution for your particular need.